The Stern of Galilee, Fort Mason
If you walk through Ft. Mason you'll come upon the curiously detached stern of the Galilee propped up against one of the walls near the piers. The history of the ship is rather interesting, built in 1891 by master shipwright Matthew Turner, the Galilee was a 180-foot brigantine, designed to run the "packet" (mail) between San Francisco and Pateete, Tahiti. Not only beautiful, she was very fast, and set the record of 21 days in her maiden voyage, 14 days less than other ships averaged. Between 1905 and 1911 she became the carrier for the Carnegie Oceanic Magnetic Survey party, collecting scientific data from 64,000 miles of voyages that is still in use today.

After her scientific voyages she was sold, converted to a three-masted schooner and fitted with a diesel engine. The Galilee served as a fishing ship, collecting cod and tuna, until 1933 when she beached in Sausalito. For the next 40 years her hull would serve as various offices ranging from stock market speculators to a retired British Army Captain. While her stern resides in San Francisco, her bow is located in Benicia, 30 miles away. There are plans to reunite and reconstruct the ship. With time and effort the Galilee will sail out of San Francisco again.
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