1. Animal: California Grizzly Bear

2. Bird: California Valley Quail

3. Colors: Blue and Gold

4. Dance: West Coast Swing

5. Flower: California Poppy

6. Fish: California Golden Trout

7. Fossil: Saber-Toothed Cat

8. Grass: Purple Needlegrass

9. Insect: California Dogface Butterfly

10. Marine Mammel: California Grey Whale

11. Mineral: Gold

12. Motto: Eureka! (I've Found It!)

13. Nickname: Golden State

14. Rock: Serpentine

15. Song: "I Love You California", 1915 F.B. Silverwood author
(In my opinion it should be "California Love" by Tupac)

16. Tartan: Muir Clan Tartan (in honor of John Muir)

17. Tree: Calfornia Redwood


18. Colors: Black and Gold

19. Flower: Dahlia

20. Motto: Gold in Peace, Iron in War

21. Songs: "San Francisco" and "I Left My Heart in San Francisco"

22. Tree: Monterey Cypress

F O G B A Y . C O M