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Homelessness has long been a problem in San Francisco. In addition to any major city's population of homeless, San Francisco attracts a large transient population. In 2002 the city passed Proposition N sponsored by then-city supervisor Gavin Newsome. The controversial proposition cut the money given to the homeless in General Assistance in exchange for shelters and other forms of services. The idea being that the city's savings would help create affordable housing, expand shelters, and add mental health and substance abuse treatment. Two General Assistance studies indicated the number of people who declared themselves to be homeless had dropped from 2,497 in 2004 to 333 in 2007. Critics point out that Propostion N did not affect the "hardcore homeless" who are generally mentally unstable and don't know how to collect General Assistance.

Newsome, now San Francisco's mayor has recently kicked off a new program cracking down on homeless people who commit quality-of-life crimes and illegal encampments in the Tenderloin district, South of Market, and Golden Gate Park. While this program is cleaning up these areas, nearly everyone agrees that it's at best a short term solution. Mayor Newsom recently stated that two or three new homeless persons come to San Francisco for each homeless person that gets off the streets.
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